What makes the perfect gift? It’s probably not what you think…

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we all naturally start to think about gift giving… again. We have just escaped the financial choke-hold of Christmas and we are thinking about gifts, only two months later! What a consumerist economy we are, but I digress.

As each year passes, we turn more into what we like to refer to as ‘adults’ (I don’t know about you but I still don’t feel like I’ve got it down) and I have noticed that gift giving gets more and more difficult. We’re stuck someplace between wanting to show our affection and gratitude to our partners and burdened with the thought of bringing yet another trinket into our home.

So let me ask you this, when is the last time you spent uninterrupted time with your partner? Completely and 100% uninterrupted from kids, life, work, house and thoughts? In my honest opinion, I think one of the best gifts you can give to your loved one on any special occasion or holiday is yourself. One of the ways to accomplish that is to be proactive in taking action to clear all the interruptions from both your schedule AND your mind.

Picture these two different scenarios:

Scenario #1: You’re out to dinner with your spouse or partner, you’re exchanging gifts and trying to hold a decent conversation but in the back of your mind you’re thinking about something you haven’t finished at work, the fact that there is 3 loads of laundry to do at home or maybe that you’re going to use this gift exactly 3 times before it gets lost in the pandemonium of your house. You’re both distracted and unable to fully enjoy the moment that you are spending your money and time on.

Scenario #2: You’re out to dinner with your spouse or partner. You have already surprised them with the fact that they will not need to clean the house for the next week/month/6 months etc. You’ve finished your work for the week (and maybe some into the beginning of next week because you’re such a go-getter) and you’re relieved that your wife/husband isn’t mulling over what needs to get done when they get ‘back to reality’. The night is yours! You might not be 100% worry free because let’s get real, you’re human, BUT you’re able to allow yourself to be present. You’ve created a meaningful memory untainted by the stressors of life.

Now I get that all of us aren’t the same. Some people would prefer a gift and some people would prefer a memory. Food for thought. Whether you or your spouse stays at home or works for a living, the cleaning has got to get done. So take a leap, don’t add to the trinkets, remove the burden of a dirty home and see what it does! It could turn out to be one of the best gifts you’ve ever given.

Cleaning For A Reason

Southern Hospitality Cleaning & Concierge officially supports Cleaning For A Reason! The owner of SHCC’s paternal grandmother and her husbands maternal grandmother are both breast cancer survivors so this movement really speaks to them!

Since 2006, the goal of Cleaning For A Reason has been to reduce the stress and ease the burden a woman faces once a cancer diagnosis is received. A patient can then focus on her health and family and not on her home. Cleaning For A Reason and their network of over 1,200 partner cleaning companies serve women in the United States and Canada. To date, over 21,000 women have received donated cleanings valued at more than $5.9 million through this network of professional cleaning partners.

So if you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, please reach out and let Southern Hospitality know. We would love to take some of the burden of their shoulders.

5 MORE reasons to hire Southern Hospitality Cleaning & Concierge

Like we said, we are back and with 5 MORE reasons to hire Southern Hospitality cleaning and concierge for some help around the house.

6. You have a new baby. Stop trying to juggle everything! We know you just birthed this amazing little creature. You are super woman, super mom, superEVERYTHING. Hear you roar. Yes, we know. But mom’s these days have so much more on their plates than you used to, trust us, we know! Instead of interrupting your day with your precious little bundle of joy and the thousands of other tasks, let our cleaning professionals take some of that stress off your plate.

7. You deserve it! The previous two examples are perfect examples of ‘chores’ that you don’t even realize exist in your world. Think about it, there are so many of these things and people in your life! And you’re completely rocking it! So why not treat yourself, you deserve less stress!

8. Gives you one less thing to worry about. I don’t even want to see your daily to do list. Heck, I don’t even want to see MY daily to do list. I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you never have to worry about cleaning your house again… or at least at the volume you are now. You know that feeling you have in your stomach? That’s called butterflies. Let’s keep that feeling. Give us a call!

9. We have custom cleaning plans. You get to tell us exactly what you want cleaned, how often and in what way. What could be better than that? Our cleaning professionals won’t get distracted by the papers sitting on your kitchen counter, your children’s artwork scattered across their floor or Facebook (it’s okay, you can admit it). We come in and complete YOUR customized checklist!

10. Saves you money in the long run. “Your home is probably your single largest investment. Maintaining its surfaces is essential to maintaining its overall value. Tiles, countertops, furniture, floors, walls, baseboards, and built-ins–all of these surfaces need regular cleaning to stay fresh. The longer you allow dirt and oils to build up on these surfaces, the more likely you are to need severe actions, such as sanding and refinishing, to undo the damage.

If you don’t provide maintenance, you risk incurring higher costs for repair or replacement later on. Regular cleanings prevent wear and tear from progressing much faster than it normally would.” (Source: Porch) So ask yourself, what’s really the cheaper option?

Hiring Southern Hospitality Cleaning and Concierge allows you more time to focus on what really matters. We are a detail oriented crew and you can put your trust in us. We’ll never leave you worrying what we missed or what you’ll have left to take care of.

Southern Hospitality Cleaning & Concierge, the perfect gift for new parents.

According to Lindsey Cook from US News & World Report, the U.S. will experience one birth every eight seconds in 2016. That is a lot of babies!

As we are nearing the end of 2016, we all know more than a handful of women who have had children this year. We are sure that many of our readers have had children and can fully understand that whether it’s your first, second or third child, cleaning doesn’t get any easier. Keeping a house clean is a much bigger burden on new parents than most realize. Exhaustion can cause clutter, clutter can cause stress and stress prevents you from fully enjoying those precious moments with your newest addition. So while everyone is out buying outfits, bouncers, blankets and stuffed animals, gift your friends with something that they’ll be eternally grateful for. Take a look at our cleaning packages to see what may best fit their needs.

Keeping a house clean is a much bigger burden on new parents than most realize.

Southern Hospitality is founded by moms and run by moms, 99% of the time we know exactly what’s more important and less important when it comes to keeping your home tidy. One of our biggest missions with Southern Hospitality Cleaning and Concierge is to take the pressure off of parents. In fact, we let our toddlers run through the owners house (appropriately) destroying everything in their path and show our new hires exactly how we want them to clean it up as apart of their training. Who better to clean and organize your home than moms who have ‘been there done that?’