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5 Reasons You Should Hire Southern Hospitality Cleaning & Concierge

ALL of these might not apply to you but we guarantee that at least one of these reasons ring true in your life!

Reasons you might need to hire a house cleaning crew

1. You work full time. Let’s face it, when you’re working full time you don’t have the time to clean everything that needs to be cleaned. Keeping the house organized and in order can really feel like a second job most days. And in all reality, you’re probably better at your job than you are cleaning your home.

2. You have a busy family life. Your time is more valuable than a cost of a cleaner. Have you ever asked yourself what your time is worth? Check out this calculator. Your answer honestly lies in the second question of the calculator, how much time to do you truly have to spare? Do you really want to spend that time cleaning?

3. You enjoy entertaining. If you enjoy entertaining guests, you are fully aware of how much cleaning time goes into the before and after. If you don’t even know what entertaining is, it is probably because you don’t have the time to even think about throwing a get together. Know why? You’re spending all of your time cleaning and organizing your home, working, taking care of your family etc! Hire Southern Hospitality so you can stress a little less and live a little more!

4. You’re not good at or don’t enjoy cleaning. Let’s be real, not everyone enjoys cleaning nor are they good at it. Rare (and odd) gems like us are few and far between. So don’t torture yourself, hire people who love to clean and are good at it! We pride ourselves on years of experience, exceptional quality, and professional-grade cleaning equipment. Leave this task to Southern Hospitality!

5. You are taking care of elderly family members. We all know how much time and energy goes into taking care of elderly family members. It’s a lot! Many things go unnoticed during these phases in our lives. It can be incredibly stressful and emotional. Southern Hospitality can and will be there every step of the way. Remember, we don’t only offer cleaning services. We offer laundry service, grocery services and much more. Let us take care of the mundane tasks of everyday life while you focus on what matters.

Did you enjoy these 5 reasons? We will be posting 5 MORE reasons to hire a cleaning company in two weeks!


Hiring Southern Hospitality Cleaning and Concierge allows you more time to focus on what really matters. We are a detail oriented crew and you can put your trust in us. We’ll never leave you worrying what we missed or what you’ll have left to take care of.

Cleaning, Organization

What can Southern Hospitality Cleaning and Concierge do for you?

Southern Hospitality Cleaning & Concierge is a family-owned business servicing the Triangle. We provide residential cleaning & concierge services, such as home organization. SHCC is licensed and insured and we offer a variety of packages to suit your unique home and budgetary needs. We pride ourselves in offering quality services at a great price!

Founded by a Mom and staffed by Moms, we strive to put a loving touch to each job we complete. In addition, a portion of each job performed goes toward our Neighbors in Need initiative, which provides the elderly, sick, and disabled members of our community with home services, such as cleaning, organization, errands, light yardwork, and more.

We serve the entire Triangle area, so please do not hesitate to ask!