Save Your Saturdays: Weekend Travel


A client recently told me that, while they loved the country and always longed for long swaths of land, he couldn’t imagine spending every Saturday maintaining it. Instead, they chose a home with a modest plot (and hired us for their interior!) so they could maximize their family time.

Only 48 of the 168 hours each week are on the weekend, when most of us are able to enjoy our family time, and 14-16 of those hours are spent sleeping. If you have children, the Saturday opportunities are limited. Make the most of your and save your Saturdays.

One of our favorite ways to spend our reclaimed time is travel. New experiences and memories promote family bonding. Also, travel is a scientifically-proven stress-buster and mood-buster, and it promotes creativity and wellness. We are huge promoters of shopping and living locally, and there are some incredible local destinations to explore when you take back your time and save your Saturdays.

Planning a weekend getaway? Here are some great resources for travel in North Carolina:

The Official Travel and Tourism Website for North Carolina
Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Top-Rated Places in North Carolina
Travel & Leisure’s North Carolina Travel Guide
Fodor’s Travel North Carolina Travel Guide
North Carolina Travel – lonely planet

Whether you have a cleaning question or want to discuss services, we are happy to help! Contact us or complete our quote request form for more information.

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