Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Updated June 1, 2020.

In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, we are instituting a few changes and reinforcing existing policies to help keep your home and loved ones safe. As we service some of the most vulnerable of our community, we feel it is our duty and obligation to take these steps. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We promise we will not come into your home sick, and will wait an appropriate amount of time before returning to work.We have always prioritized rest when ill, and will continue to respect your homes by not coming in sick. We will do our best to offer an alternative provider whenever available.

We will continue to waive illness-related reschedule and cancellation fees. We greatly appreciate the consideration. When possible, 24 hours notice is preferred, though we recognize that is often not the case with illnesses. For all other cancellation requests, a fee of $35 for less than 24 hours notice may still apply.

Please consider leaving your vacuum accessible, or letting us know where it is kept. We are minimizing supplies brought between homes. While we cannot guarantee the same results using personal vacuums, we will do our utmost to produce the same product. We do recommend all vacuums have clean filters, and are happy to advise if yours is in need of maintenance.

We will be carrying EPA-approved disinfectants, for your protection and ours. You can find the full list of products approved to fight this strain of coronavirus here. Supplies are limited in some areas and product may vary, but we will protect your homes as we would our own.

We will continue to ensure all disposables and cloths are fresh for your home. As always, we will not reuse any sponges and all microfiber cloths will be fresh for your home. Any used cloths will be safely stored and sanitized daily, including all wet and dust mop heads.

Please ensure all tissues/related paper products are placed in a refuse bin. We will not be picking up used tissues or paper products at this time. We appreciate your understanding.

We will continue to wash our hands frequently, and while available, will wear gloves and fresh shoe covers or other appropriate and clean non-slip footwear.

We will wear reusable, cloth masks in occupied homes. We do ask you keep your home temperate during the hot summer days to assist in keeping our team members safe.

We may work alone, rather than in teams, if your appointment is one where that is possible. Using this strategy will reduce the number of homes your technician enters each day.

We are no longer accepting checks. This will enable us to limit another source of contact. We appreciate your understanding. Please contact us to arrange an alternative method.

We are happy to work alongside your family as your schools and offices close. We understand it can be challenging balancing multiple obligations with cleaners present, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make our visit go smoothly for you and your family.

We are happy to take these necessary steps to protect your family and ours. As a small business, when global issues become local and affect our economy and wellness, we truly value and appreciate your support. Please check here or our social media for relevant updates and content, as well as suggestions on how to support your community members during this time.

Thank you, and please let us know how we can help. We are in this together.

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